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Sackhumvit Trust

Empowering Children Through Education, Healthcare,
And Women Empowerment Initiatives
A public, charitable Trust registered under the Income Tax Act, 1961

Founded in the year 1992 by Mr. Khalid Hashim

Dear Students,

Your dedication, commitment, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge continues to be a beacon of hope, not only for us at Sackhumvit Trust, but for the entire community at Chamundinagar and beyond. In your pursuit of excellence, you have broken barriers, overcome limitations, and risen above the challenges that life has foisted on you. With your desire, dedication, discipline, and determination, you have become class toppers in your respective schools. Your achievements are a testament to your ability to overcome all odds and represent the fire that burns in each of you, to succeed.

Sackhumvit Trust is not just a place of learning, it is a sanctuary for your dreams. Your teachers, administrators, and colleagues all believe in your potential, your dreams, and your future. We believe that your circumstances do not define you or your destiny. Instead, your dedication and hard work will shape the future that awaits each one of you. Remember, each evening that you walk in through our gates, you are not only receiving an education, but you are also carving a path towards a brighter tomorrow. You are the creators of your own destiny, and with the right mix of desire, dedication, discipline, and determination, you can achieve greatness beyond your wildest imaginations. Each of you represents 22 different schools, you are not just students, you are a force for change. Your stories, as told in our monthly newsletters and in our Annual Reports, are not just about triumphing over adversity, they are a source of motivation for us all. Your dreams are within your grasp, and we are here to support you on that journey.
As you continue from 7th grade to PUC 2, remember there are no limits, it is just the beginning. Aim higher, dream bigger, and work harder. You have the potential to achieve greatness, and Sackhumvit Trust is here to nurture that desire. In closing I have a message for each one of you. I want you to be happy above all else. Happiness does not come from success, or achievement, or material goods. Yes, each of these things help you lead a comfortable life, but they do not make you happy. You can see successful, high achievers, rich in worldly possessions, but they lead sad, lonely lives. Yet there are others who have nothing but are happy. They accept what life has offered them with gratitude, make the most of the hand they have been dealt with, and cultivate strong, supportive, and lasting relationships. I wish you always remain grateful, make the most of your circumstances, have supportive relationships, like those you have developed at Sackhumvit Trust with your fellow students, teachers, mentors, and counsellors, throughout your lives, and be happy, above all else.

Khalid Moinuddin Hashim,
Managing Trustee,
Sackhumvit Trust.

We are all about Relationships, Collaborations, Communication and Teamwork

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Our Mission

The mission of Sackhumvit Trust is to improve access to quality education for all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, race, or any other form of discrimination. Overall our mission related to education is to create a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible education system that empowers individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Core Values


To better understand and share the feelings of our students and women at the Trust.


of being honest, upright, and morally correct with everything that we do that impacts the lives of our students and women at the Trust


Of working together with our student and women from the community to achieve a common objective of changing lives for the better.

Fostering academic excellence

By supporting skilled and dedicated teachers who maintain high academic standards, motivate with students and collaborate with families.

Developing critical thinkers

By Encouraging intellectual curiosity and rewarding independent and creative problem solvers

Chamundinagar Center, Bangalore

Sackhumvit Trust operates a tutorial center in Chamundinagar, Bengaluru, serving a diverse student population from RT Nagar and surrounding areas. Offering equal opportunities to boys and girls from grade 6 to Pre-University levels, the center aims to foster academic excellence , critical thinking and creativity

Our motto -
"Maximum benefit for maximum students for maximum length of time"

Sackhumvit Trust Report Archives

At Sackhumvit Trust, we are committed to transparency and accountability in all our endeavors. Our annual reports serve as a testament of our dedication to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Annual report PDFs available here


2022- 2023

Explore our projects, initiatives, and achievements showcasing our commitment to lasting change.


Discover transformation stories, challenges overcome, and partnerships forged towards empowerment and social justice.


Access earlier and monthly as well as annual reports to understand our journey, evolution, and strides towards our goals


"The most important thing is to keep the most important thing as the most important thing"

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